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Livingston Graphic & Website Design

Graphic Design – Professional Logos

Having a nice looking professional logo is a vital part of your business. We are the leading company for graphic design in Polk County today! We can build you an affordable custom logo that fits your needs. Use your logo for business cards, Facebook cover photo, fliers, magnetic signs and more.

Website Design

We create professional websites in the Lake Livingston Area. We can create a website store, blog, basic business website, social networks or even custom coding.All websites are responsive design, meaning they will adapt to computer, phone, ipad all in one design. We can also provide SEO services for google and other search engines so that your website gets found by your customers.

Business Cards (Graphic Design)

Our business card designs are professional and modern. We can create custom sized designs for die cut cards and more. Let us design a business card fit for your needs. Business card pricing starts at just $50.

Social Media Marketing, Branding & Search Engine Placement

Here in the Polk County Texas area one of the biggest challenges new business faces is being found online. Check out these top search terms. We can help you brand your business with a logo, infographics, search engine optimization and easy to find page names. We can help you create social media pages (facebook, twitter, youtube) and create the look of a professional business. You can reach the majority of customers in Livingston Texas by proper placement on social media, search engines and free business placement outlets.

(Graphic Design) Business Logos, Fliers, Business Cards

Having a successful business in Livingston & the Polk County Texas area depends a lot on image. Your logo and graphics should match the quality of your work. Have us design a top quality logo or business card for an affordable price. We are local to the Lake Livingston area. Let us give your business the look of the best in Polk County today!!

We can create a logo that fits your needs. Logo design usually runs from $40 to $125. Business card design usually runs from $50 to $100. Custom Fliers usually run $25 and up.

Website Design

Here at LCS (Livingston Website Design & Custom Services) we offer high quality professional websites built to fit your need. We have over 25 years experience in coding, custom scripts and graphic design. Let us put that experience to work for you in Polk County, today!

We will design you a one of a kind website without breaking the bank. Check our Facebook page for latest work.

Youtube, Facebook & TV Commercial

One of the best way to advertise your new business is to create a promotional video for youtube.

We can create animated videos, commercial videos, slide shows, video press kits or just a quick 30 second intro into your local business. Reach all of the residents of polk county with a youtube video. We can use our video SEO services to make sure your video gets found locally in the Livingston Texas area or other targeted areas.

Get Your Business on Google

One of the most difficult processes of setting up a new business here in Polk County Texas, is getting found by new customers online. What good is a website or business listing if new customer can’t discover your small business. Let us handle that for you. We are partnered with Atta Way Social, a company that specializes in getting you the most out of social media sites and looking professional.That combined with our Google SEO services will have your business in the top of search results for your target cities and keywords. When someone searches for a business of your type, you should be found first. Most people choose one of the first 3 listings. We can handle all of this for you!

Be the talk of Polk County! Livingston now has options to take your business to the next level today!

Livingston Website Design & Graphic Design is here for your business marketing or branding needs. Contact us today for a new website, logo, business card, fliers, infographics, social media marketing/promotion. Call or text us at 936-933-7627.


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